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This is a new English learning system (Web-based English chatbot, or Chatting robot, or dialog machine) and your friend for English learning. Its first function is chatting with you. You just input English sentences through keyboard or voice, and it will respond to you in text or with voice without limitation of content, time and length. During chatting, it can also check the spelling and grammar errors, tell you stories and jokes, and sing English songs. How can you get these services? Please chat with the robot and ask it.

希赛可是一个崭新的免费网上英语学习系统(网上英语聊天机器人,英语对话机器人,网上英文聊天机器人,英文对话机器人,奥运英语),是你学习英语的好朋友。它的第一个功能是能够和你聊天。你通过键盘或者语音输入英语句子,它以文本或者语音方式输出相应的回答,没有时间、内容和长度的限制。在聊天中还可以检查英文单词拼写和句子语法错误,讲笑话和故事,唱英 语歌曲,等等。只要输入相应的英语句子,就能够实现这些功能。猜一下是什么?(help?).

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